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Sabra Houmous Extra 200g

£0.95/100 g

Sainsbury's Houmous 230g

Only £1.00: Save 20p

£0.43/100 g

Only £1.00: Save 20p
Sainsbury's Houmous, SO Organic 200g

£0.60/100 g

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  • Red pepper houmous
    Chickpeas are a great standby ingredient, you can whip up this yummy houmous dip in no time.
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  • Lamb flatbreads with houmous
    Lamb cooked with cumin, served with houmous and mint is a real Middle Eastern treat.
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  • Houmous
    A Middle Eastern dish that makes a delicious snack and is a great dip for veg or pitta breads.
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