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  Windows 8 - Meet the new Windows Window8 video 
You Windows 8
 Make it yours Stay connected Apps all rounds Work hard, play hard 
 Make it yours Stay conected Apps all round Work hard, play hard 
 Make your Start screen your personalised home for the things you care about. Organised and customised the way you want. Sign in and your personalisation, desktop background, and settings are all there. Windows 8 Live Tiles provide real-time updates from your Facebook, Twitter and email accounts. Windows 8 can connect to your files, photos, people, and settings, wherever you sign in. Apps are the heart of Windows 8. You'll be able to get up to speed quickly with a set of built-in apps for the things you do the most. Once you buy an app from the Windows Store, it's yours to use on up to five Windows 8 devices. Windows 8 runs Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, so you can mix in a little work with episodes of your favourite shows. 
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 What is compatibility? Want a little more Windows 8? Windows 8 is where you want it 
  What about compatibility?  Want a little more Windows8  Windows 8 is where you want it 
   Windows 8 automatically supports a wide range of devices, including mice, keyboards, printers, cameras, media players, displays, and software. It’s designed so when you plug in your device, it works.  Get Windows 8 Pro pre-installed on selected devices or buy the Windows 8 Pro Pack. It includes all the new elements of Windows 8, plus features for encryption, virtualisation, PC management and domain connectivity.  

With Windows 8, you don’t have to choose between a fun touch device and a hard-working PC because you can have it both ways. Prefer a mouse and keyboard? Great. Prefer touch? Enjoy the convenience. Windows 8 will run on amazing hardware, from tablets to laptops to all-in-ones with large, high-definition screens. Whether you like to stay put or work on the go, you can enjoy the power, convenience, and versatility of Windows.
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Upgrading your PC

To run Windows 8, you'll need: 1 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB available hard disk space, 1366 x 768 screen resolution, DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver

 Can I upgrade my PC from an older versin of Windows ot Windows 8? Windows 8 Pro coming soon 
  Yes. Your upgrade experience will depend on what version of Windows you currently have. For example, if your PC is running Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium, your files, programs and settings will easily transfer to Windows 8, if your PC is running Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, Windows XP or Windows Vista, you’ll need to reinstall your programs. Some features (like those that support touchscreen) may require a new PC.

To find out if your PC is ready for Windows 8, simply go to and download Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which will provide you with a full compatibility report.
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