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iPods & MP3 players
There's nothing like an iPod, an iPod touch, an iPod classic, an iPod nano or an iPod shuffle to take you to another world of great music and entertainment. They're great for exercise and sport, for relaxation at home or when you're on the commute - and mean you can carry your favourite music with you at all times. And their jewel-like colours or sleek black or white cases mean they'll always be in fashion. When you're at home, you can connect your iPod to an iPod dock to recharge it while you enjoy its content. Other features you'll stumble upon include FaceTime, iCloud, iMessage and HD video recording.

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Our buying guides are filled with useful information and tips that will help you make an informed decision before you buy. Our helpful guides currently include an iPod buying guide that gives you loads of information and explains the many different features.

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