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  • Superstore

Store details

637-641 Christchurch Road

Store Manager

Edd Morris


01202 394682


Monday 0700 - 2000
Tuesday 0700 - 2000
Wednesday 0700 - 2000
Thursday 0700 - 2000
Friday 0700 - 2000
Saturday 0700 - 2000
Sunday 1000 - 1600

Store information

  • 4 parking spaces
  • 1 ATM
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  • Self Checkout What is this?

    Perfect for a quick shop, scan and pack your shopping at the checkout

  • Hearing Aid Loop
  • Assisted Facilities What is this?

    Please contact your local store to find out what from below is available: mobility scooters, wheelchairs, wheelchair trolley, disabled child trolley, colleague assistance, induction loops, Pinpoint or service call in the petrol station, easy grip cutlery in the café

  • National Lottery
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  • Deli
  • Bakery
  • Fish Counter
  • Hot Food Counter
  • News & Magazines What is this?

    Weekly Magazines & Periodicals

  • Floral
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  • ATM
  • Saveback What is this?

    Add to your savings at Sainsbury's checkouts with your debit card. It's as easy as cashback but you're saving money and not taking it out. It's quick and your money will be credited to your account within 2 working days.

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