Nappy rash

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We know babies have delicate and sensitive skin and we want to ensure they receive the utmost care. That’s why we offer a selection of nappy rash creams to help soothe and calm their skin, and to give it a protective barrier against the friction of nappies.  

Our range of creams help to keep your baby’s bottom soft and supple. Our selection of baby laundry products can also help with that by making sure that your little one’s clothes are comfy, clean, and fresh. 

Nappy rash creams help moisturise your baby’s skin too. But don’t worry if you’ve spilt it everywhere or used too much, you can dab away the excess with tissues or wipes

Whether you’re at home, or out and about, it’s super handy to have a nappy cream stocked in your baby’s toiletries bag, as you never know when you might need it. 

You can also pop in their favourite toy, so they’ve got something to do with their fidgety hands! 

And one of the most important to things to have available for your baby is their milk and bottle! If you’re breast-feeding your little one why not stock up on breast pads to keep yourself dry and comfortable in-between feeds. Keeping yourself comfortable is key for yourself and the baby too.