Festive bakery & biscuits

Get into the festive spirit with Sainsbury's this year with our great range of Christmas food and drink.

Christmas Pudding

There’s no better way to get into the festive spirit of Christmas other than Christmas desserts and bakery. Here at Sainsbury’s, we’ve got a wide range of desserts that you can try with kids, friends, or by yourself while listening to some festive music. How about a traditional, glorious, and rich Christmas pudding that’s a festive classic?  If crisps and nuts are your favourite go-to snacks, then check out our go-to festive snack collection, which includes dry roasted nuts, tortilla chips, nutcrackers and much more.

Mince Pies

Christmas is unimaginable without delicious mince pies. These cute little treats are ideal to scoff down with festive drinks. Whether you’re after mulled wine or whiskey, our range of seasonal spirits will keep guests merry throughout the day. In search of some oh-so-Christmasy desserts? We’ve panettone and shortbread that you can enjoy in the festive season.


Our traditional gingerbread delivers perfect biscuits every time. So, order a double batch to not let them disappear too quickly. Fancy some sweet party food? We’ve got a delightful collection of snacks and nibbles to definitely please your taste buds. Lastly, end the wonderful festive season on a cheesy note with our collection of mouth-watering cheese boards.