Houmous, guacamole & flavoured dips

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Ah dips! Where would we be without them? Perfect for popping in the fridge and bringing out when you’ve got guests round or you fancy a snack, they make a tasty addition to your kitchen. With guaranteed crowd pleasers like creamy guacamoles, tangy tzatzikis and all manners of houmous, our selection of flavoured dips has something for everyone. 

Now you’ve chosen your dips, let’s discuss what you’ll be dipping into them! You can keep things healthy by dicing up a few crunchy carrots and some celery. These will go very well with houmous or sour cream and chive. If you’re picking up a guacamole, get yourself some tortilla chips to dip. Our range of crispbreads go great with nearly anything, as does our selection of premium crisps

 Throwing a party? Dips are a great starting point, but to keep rumbling tummies at bay we recommend picking up a wide variety of savoury snacks, like sausage rolls, scotch eggs and other mouth-watering morsels. It’s also worth getting a few bits and pieces from our cooked meats and olives range. And make sure you’ve got plenty of different types of drinks in the cupboard to wash down these sumptuous snacks.