Fresh milk

Pick up your favourites from our range of products. Top up your trolley and check out the rest of our dairy eggs and chilled range too. Book your collection or delivery slot today.

Explore our range of fresh milk to start your day right at Sainsbury’s. From creamy whole milk to lighter options like semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, there's something for everyone. And if you’re after plant-based alternatives, we’ve got you covered with oat, almond, soya and more options.

Get ready for the day with your favourite brew. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or tea connoisseur, a splash of semi skimmed milk is sure to take your beverage up a notch. Fuel up with a classic bowl of breakfast cereal, made more filling with a fresh pour of organic milk. And as your day comes to an end, cosy up with a warm cup of milk that’ll help you soothe and relax.

Fan of quick pick-me-ups? Our range of yoghurt comes in exciting flavours as well as plain options. Just add milk, flour and eggs to make Yorkshire puddings for a Sunday roast staple. And for dessert, make your own dark chocolate ice cream from whole milk and a few simple ingredients.