Milk-free cheese & dairy alternatives

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Our collection of milk free cheese and dairy alternatives is excellent if you want to enjoy some of your favourite foodstuffs without worrying about consuming dairy. Our range in this section includes oat, soya, and almond based drinks, plant-based alternatives to yoghurt, vegan spreads, and a selection of snacks and desserts for you to sink your teeth into.

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Whether you’re looking for a dessert option for your dinner party, need to pour an alternative to milk on your cereal, or just enjoy the taste of some milk free snack bites — we’ve got it covered and more! Why not check out our frozen freefrom ready meals selection for even more tasty convenience?

Or take a look at our wider freefrom section. With gluten free and nut free options for a meal, your taste buds are spoilt for choice!

If you like to cook from scratch than stocking up on the essential ingredients and cooking oil is a must. This means you’ll be prepped and ready when you need to whip up your next meal!

So is it Italian or Caribbean food on the menu for your household tonight? What about tomorrow? We’ve got the ingredients you need to make your menu happen and bring those dishes to life.

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