Low & no alcohol beer & cider

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Enjoy a range of low and no alcohol beer and cider to instantly refresh yourself on a hot summer day. Whether you don’t want alcohol or just taking a break, our range of alcohol-free beers can be enjoyed by everyone without compromising on the taste.  


Our non alcoholic beer is light bodied, crisp and clean in taste and works as a great alternative to the alcoholic option. Whilst some might have a low alcohol percentage, we’ve got options with zero alcohol too. How about a zesty bottle of cider? Our non-alcoholic cider option in fruity flavours is a firm favourite with everyone. If you’re someone who prefers wine, we’ve got an array of low and no alcohol wine options to suit your preference. Perhaps you’re looking for an alternative to gin? Our section of no alcohol drinks has you covered with the top brands available.   


If you’re playing host, be prepared with a list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to suit everyone’s tastes. Keeping cordials in stock will help you mix up some fun cocktails and non alcoholic drinks in no time. One easy recipe you can try is the nojito mocktail. With the freshness of mint and lime juice and a dash of caster sugar, this is just like the classic mojito–minus the white rum. Another easy-to-make recipe that’s perfect to beat the heat is our watermelon and mint spritz. Try this when you’re hosting a pool or garden party to create the perfect fizzy drink. We’ve also got a list of sparkling juices, ginger ales and flavoured kombucha in our adult soft drinks section to make sure there’s something for everyone. And of course, some party nibbles and savoury snacks are just what everyone will need to accompany their drinks for the day.