Drinks mixers

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Drinks Mixers

If you're a fan of making cocktails, it's worth mixers at the ready. Whether you’re hosting a party or mixing one for yourself, we’ve got a range of drinks mixers - from soft drinks to tonics - to take your spirits and liqueurs to the next level.

Tonic Water

If you like to keep it simple, then go for a classic Gin and tonic. Serve it with Indian tonic water for the most authentic experience. Or add a fun twist to your tipple with some flavoured tonic water. Try zesty flavours like lime, lemon, and elderflower. We also have a wide variety of slimline tonic waters too. Mix it into your cocktail or enjoy it as it is. And don’t forget the ice. Try out a bramble gin and tonic if you’re feeling creative or make our Limoncello and tonic sorbet for a refreshing palate cleanser to end a meal.

Soft Drinks & Soda Water

Our soft drinks and soda water is the first choice for many popular drinks, like a rum and or a glass of vodka and lemonade. And when the temperature rises, go for our fresh and fruity Pitchers and lemonade cocktail recipe.