Brandy & Cognac

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Brandy and cognac are truly a connoisseur's choice when it comes to distilled spirits. Their smooth, warming character makes them excellent for sipping after meals, while VSOP (very superior old pale) is best served as an apéritif. Or you can give a proper end to your dinner with a glass of calvados. Sweet and fruity, this apple brandy pairs well with rich desserts like chocolate cake and tiramisu.

Celebrating cocktail hour? We've got you covered with our selection of pre-mixed cocktails. From gin and tonic to canned wine, you'll find whatever you're in the mood for in our range. Try a can of piña colada for an easy and refreshing summer drink. Or whip up sidecar cocktail with cognac, triple sec and lemon juice. For something quick and simple, mix cognac with coke and enjoy.

Pick up a bottle of sherry if you want fortified wine that's perfect for sipping and cooking. Serve chilled or add a depth of flavour to savoury dishes like French onion soup and ribs. For something sweet and creamy, why not treat yourself to Baileys Irish Cream? Our collection of liqueurs has a wide range available, including Chambord, cherry brandy and coffee liqueur.

Fan of boozy spreads? Try your hand at our brown sugar brandy butter recipe. A classic holiday condiment, it's perfect for slathering on top of mince pies, Christmas puddings or your favourite desserts. Serve with toast and a steaming hot cup of coffee topped with brandy.