Decaf coffee

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Do you like the delightfully earthy taste and blissful smell of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, but want to cut down your caffeine intake? Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to go without! Simply check out our decaf coffee range and continue to enjoy your morning cup. 

And for those tea lovers out there, we have a decaf tea range for you too. Remove the caffeine without removing the joyous comfort of a warm cuppa on a cold winter’s morning. And for both drinks, we know that the strength and sweetness differ from person to person. That’s why we’ll leave it up to you how much fresh milk and granulated sugar you add. 

And if you want something else, there’s always the old faithful of a bottle of water. Flavoured, or unflavoured, still or sparkling, there’s a surprising amount to choose from.  

And one of the only things better than enjoying a delicious beverage is enjoying one in your favourite mug. Look at our mugs, cafetieres and teapots range to find a new favourite. The range also has cafetieres and teapots to help your drinks be easier to make. 

While you’re drinking your morning coffee, remember to eat breakfast. Look at our everyday cereals range to find some options that will suit most tastes. Delicious.