Pinot noir

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Ah, a nice glass of pinot noir. Just delightful.  

This red wine bursts with fruity notes such as raspberries and cherries complimented by earthy complexities. Sourced from regions like Chile and New Zealand. It works well when paired with foods such as a slow-cooked lamb, as its acidity cuts through fatty flavours well. However, the wine will pair successfully with most foods, so try out various options in our meat and fish section to find your favourites.

Pinot grigio, a close relative, offers a white wine alternative. Our selection is broad, catering to every palate. Fancy a bit of fizz? Weve got sparkling wine options too. For those with dietary restrictions or ethical considerations, we offer vegan wine that is just as delicious.  

Please remember, moderation is key when enjoying alcohol. If you're looking for lighter options, our range of low and no alcohol wines has you covered.