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Crackers are quite a versatile food. A fantastic snack for elevenses. If you had a fruit and granola cereal bar for breakfast, then maybe you could continue the fruit theme with a tomato on a cracker. Quite different uses of fruit, but both valid. 

And at lunchtime, might we suggest a selection of chutneys, pickle and relishes? The sweet and tangy burst of flavour from a mango chutney. The fiery explosion of a chilli chutney. Or even the simple pickle. Try them all with a cracker for a satisfying crunch and crumble that will help balance out the acidity of these toppings. 

And, of course, there’s the classic cheese board. Great for both a post-dinner get-together and an afternoon treat. Picture a range of cheeses from a mature Cheddar to a Red Leicester to a nice soft Feta. Or perhaps even some stinky Stilton, a cheese that grabs you both by the tongue and the nose. Delicious. 

And if you fancy something slightly different, then take a look at our biscuits. Some of those might work with the cheese and chutney as well. Some probably not so much. But then, biscuits probably work better when dunking them in tea. We’ll call this even.