Flavoured crackers

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Have you ever wanted a cracker, but felt that they’re just too plain? Well, that’s what our flavoured crackers are for! From black pepper to salt, these crackers add a pinch of flavour to your meal. 

Of course, the main way to add flavour to your plate of crackers is to put some toppings on them. You could go for the classics, as they are classics for a reason. We’re talking about a nice slab of Cheddar and British regional cheese. There’s crumbly mature Cheddar, and silky Red Leicester, grated options, and sliced choices, virtually whatever you need to get your fill of cheese. 

Or if you want to double up on flavour, why not check out our flavoured cheese? We have smoked options and herby cheeses, so that you can find the flavour combination that works for you.  

And if you want something other than cheese, or alongside your cheese, then take a look at our cooked meats range. From salamis to hams, chicken to salmon, our meats can add a delicious centrepiece to a plate of crackers. Or add some pâté for a softer texture. 

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