Wheat biscuits

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Fancy a breakfast that’s as classic as it is delicious? Need a bit of added fibre to start your day? Waking up feeling hungry? Then check out our collection of wheat biscuit cereals. Delicious, filling, and a fantastic way to kick start you morning. 

Wondering how to enjoy them? For a crunchy bite, eat them dry. Alternatively, soak a couple in fresh milk for a creamy twist. And add a burst of sweetness by topping your biscuits with some chopped bananas and grapes. With our wide variety of fresh fruity, you can mix it up every day.  

There are lots of other types of cereal, of course. If wheat isn't your thing, why not opt for oats? Warm them up for a soul soothing bowl of porridge or prepare them the night before for a delightful breakfast of overnight oats. 

Pressed for time? Grab some of our cereal bars and breakfast biscuits. Enjoy breakfast on the go and embark on your days adventure with a full stomach.