Block chocolate bars

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Whether it’s the velvety smooth texture of a Belgian bar, the complex bitter of an organic dark or the sugary sweetness of white chocolate, few things are as satisfying as tucking into a bar of your favourite chocolate. And here at Sainsbury’s we’ve got something to satisfy every taste. If you’re pursuing a plant-based diet you needn’t miss the fun! Lots of these bars have alternatives in our free from chocolate and biscuits collection. 

Variety is the spice of life, so why not get creative and incorporate your favourite chocolate bar into a tasty recipe? Take things to the next level and pop a few of our chocolate sweets into the mix. Head over to our recipes page for a bit of inspiration and then nab everything you’ll need from our home baking section.  

Spoiling someone? Instead of a big bar of chocolate, watch their face light up when you hand them a box of their favourite sweet treats. We’ve got indulgent treats aplenty in our gifting range.  

While we all love chocolate, it’s very important to enjoy in moderation. Mix things up with a healthier alternative by taking a look at our snacking fruit and seeds selection.