Salsas & accompaniments

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Are you having Mexican for dinner tonight? Or for lunch? Or breakfast for that matter? Well, regardless of when you are having your taste of Mexico, you’ll probably want something to go with it. And that’s why we have our range of salsas and accompaniments, including guacamole and sour cream. Delicious. 

And why not go on a culinary adventure around the rest of the world? Our cooking sauces and meal kits can help your tastebuds travel around the world with ease. Visit Italy with our lasagne sauces and kits and imagine yourself bathing in the Mediterranean sun.  

Then take a figurative plane to India for a deliciously spicy curry. That should blow away the imaginary cobwebs caused by your pretend jet lag! Or you could take a trip to the tastes of China and enjoy some beautifully flavourful stir-fries. You’ll be a world (food) traveller in no time! 

Make sure you stay hydrated while you’re travelling. Our fizzy drinks can give you a jolt of refreshing bubbles that will help you feel lighter than air. And with all this spice, it can be useful to have something to cool you down. And that’s where our fresh milk can help. Delightful.