Cracker crisps & pitta chips

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Crunch and flavour collide in our range of cracker crisps and pitta chips. Whether you're a fan of classic flavours or bold, exotic twists, we've got something to satisfy every snacker. 

Go nuts for our nut selection! From creamy cashews to zesty almonds, our nuts are packed with protein and taste that'll keep you energised and satisfied throughout the day. 

Pop, pop, hooray! Our popcorn is a celebration of taste and texture. Whether you prefer it lightly salted or with a hint of caramel sweetness, our collection will have you reaching for more. 

Indulgence is just a bite away with our heavenly biscuits. From buttery shortbread to decadent chocolate-filled delights, our biscuits are a taste of heaven with every nibble. In need of a quick pick-me-up? Our single bar chocolates are here to save the day. Unwrap a moment of pure bliss with every bite. 

For a chewy, flavourful adventure, our sweets are an amazing choice. From fruity bursts to timeless classics, they are a delightful journey for your taste buds. Soft, fluffy, and oh-so-delicious, our marshmallows are like little clouds of sweetness. Toast them, melt them, or enjoy them straight from the bag – the choice is yours!