Citrus fruits

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Oranges & Easy Peelers

Oranges are so versatile. They make for the perfect snack or a quenching glass of orange juice. They’re great for baking in sweet treats or as a garish to your roast dishes. Pack some easy peelers into your kids lunch bag, or try our orange and lemon crush recipe for your summer parties and picnics.

Blend oranges and exotic fruits like mango, passion fruit, banana and kiwi to prepare a healthy smoothie. Or rustle up a pineapple salsa to give a tangy twist to your Jamaican jerk chicken or tuna.

For something a little more on the bitter side, opt for grapefruit. It’s great in cocktails as a refreshing summer drink.

Lemons & Limes

Our limes and lemons are the perfect addition to your spirits like gin, vodka and more. And if you’re hosting a summer party, make a quick refresher with one of our cordials and some sparkling water. You can end your get-together with something sweet and sour by trying our lemon drizzle cake recipe.