Papaya, pomegranate & exotic fruit

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Our assortment of papaya, pomegranate and exotic fruit is a treasure trove of succulent offerings. Check out our fresh and ripe collection, including all your favourites like mangoes, Sharon fruit, passionfruit and more. Whether you're looking to garnish your morning porridge with slices of banana or want to whip up a fruity dessert, our exotic fruit category has you covered. 

Enjoy some lychee or ready-to-eat pomegranate seeds for a refreshing treat. And for a quickly fuelling up, sip on thick smoothies or make a filling milkshake with bananas and ice cream. Fan of pineapples? Whether you’re topping your Hawaiian pizza or making chilled piña coladas, a pineapple can do it all and more. 

For your brunches, we’ve got fresh fruit and pressed fruit juice ready to be delivered to your doorstep. If you’re after fruit, snacks & treats, head to our section to order everything from yogurts and rice puddings to pre-cut watermelon and edamame beans. Grab a berry fruit salad or fruit platter to reach your five a day. Known for their antioxidant properties, they’ll also help maintain your skin health. 

How about treating your family to a passion fruit mousse? Its sweet and tangy flavours and creamy texture are sure to be a hit. For something exotic, try a tropical fruit tart that’ll leave everyone asking for more with its buttery crust and medley of vibrant fruits. And beat the heat with some homemade pomegranate sorbet. We have various passion fruit recipes and pomegranate recipes, so you can make the most of these seasonal gems.