Peas, beans, sweetcorn & asparagus

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Peas and sweetcorn add a touch of sweetness and a little oomph! to your culinary creations. Toss them with crisp lettuce, some feta cheese, and a zesty lemon dressing for a refreshing salad that uplifts a lunch, dinner or picnic. Super-sweet sweetcorn is a tuna mayo sandwich essential, but also a salad game changer. 

Sugar snap peas, garden peas, shelled peas…we got all the peas you want in our very own range at Sainsbury's. Whether you’re adding them to the classic fish and chips, pasta, or a hearty soup– we’ve got plenty of ideas on how to use these green nuggets on our delicious recipes page. 

When it comes to lentils and other legumes, we’ve got that sorted too. From dwarf beans, fine beans, classic runner beans to kidney beans, chickpeas, and black beans – we know how to give a wholesome flavour to your dish.  

Of course, making a Mexican fave like chicken  stew, chorizo soup, tacos, or a chilli is not quite right if you haven’t got the beans. And for your side dish grill or roast some asparagus to add an interesting twist. Make sure you’ve seasoned with it with the basics: oil, salt and pepper, and any other spice of choice. 

Get ready to tuck in and enjoy!