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Out of juice? We can help. Our wide selection of batteries will ensure you’re never in a battery bind again. We stock everything from your classic 9V and AA batteries to specialist batteries that go into car keys, doorbells and smoke alarms, so whatever you need we’ve got you covered. Why not pick up a stock of all the batteries you use around the house and keeping them handy for when your current ones run out? 

Make sure you’re prepared for power cuts by picking up a torch from our household electronics section. Or go old school and choose the flickering charm of a tealight from our candles and home fragrance collection. 

Got little ones? You’ll need a stock of batteries at the ready when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. There’s nothing worse than unwrapping brand new toys and discovering that there aren’t any batteries to power them, so prep like a pro and have a healthy selection of these essential extras ready. 

If you use a battery powered toothbrush, we recommend picking up rechargeable batteries that you can use over and over again. This will help reduce the impact on the planet as well as your wallet.