Games & puzzles

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Can you hear the tick, tack, clatter of the dice scattering across the table? The smell of a fresh pack of cards as you shuffle them for a new game? The feel of the final puzzle piece clicking into place? Well, it’s not a memory, but instead a glimpse into the future. Your future. One of fun and games and puzzles and enjoyment and… 

The vision is broken by the sudden reminder that you need to buy a gift for your father. Well, explore our fragrances for him range and remember to pick out a card and get a gift bag from our cards and gifting selection. You might as well celebrate with a milkshake and some pears, because why not? But do let us know if they work together. 

If you’re going on holiday, then pick up some luggage and backpacks to put all of your games and puzzles in. Play them on the plane, or in the car, or even on a horse. Just don’t get motion sick. 

And once you’ve stopped moving, you might need a snack. All these games are hungry work, after all. So open up that backpack, get out a bagel and live your best life.