Pick up your favourites from our range of Household products. Top up your trolley and book your collection or delivery slot today.

It can take a lot of effort to turn a house into a home. And even more to turn it into a home you want to live in. Our household range hopes to help with that. From essentials such as products for cleaning and storing food. And products for more specific situations such as parties and stamps. Sainsbury’s aims to help as much as we can. 

The range also includes all purpose cleaners for almost anything that life might throw at you and your house. And for doing your laundry, we have a selection of washing powder and liquids. After all, a clean house isn’t as satisfying if your clothes aren’t clean as well. 

Something else that you will need in your house is toilet roll, for when nature calls. You will need other essential toiletries and health products as well. Conveniently, we have a collection of those as well. Including products from soap to toothpaste. 

And all of this housework is thirsty work. Make sure you stay hydrated with some still fruit drinks. Whether you like the classics such as orange or blackcurrant or want to remember the heat with some summer fruits, we have something for you.  

And don’t forget about the power of nature. Bring some fresh flowers and plants into your house for a burst of delightful colours and smells.