Bleach & disinfectant

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It’s important to keep your house clean, particularly around where you cook and eat. That’s where our collection of disinfectants come into use. From sprays to wipes, we have many ways to disinfect surfaces and leave behind a variety of more pleasant scents. We also have various bottles of bleach, which can be used to clean the toilet or can be diluted to act as another disinfectant. Make sure to stay safe around these cleaning products, and always read the label. 

We also have an anti-bacterial range, which includes various products treated to fight against bacteria. For example, anti-bacterial toilet roll and sponges. And we offer hand sanitiser gel, sprays and wipes, for on-the-go sanitisation, should you need it. 

For help cleaning your clothes, we have washing liquids and gels. And for you, we have deodorants and body sprays. After all, you won’t want to smell worse than your clothes. If you want to give your nose another present, then explore our collection of air fresheners to make your home and car smell delightful. It’s like a disinfectant for your mood. 

And, for when you need to clean up in the bathroom, take a look at our selection of toilet roll. With various scents, thicknesses, and comfort levels to choose from, you’ll understand why the toilet can be called the porcelain throne.