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Stock up your fridge freezer with everything you need to create delicious and balanced meals from our meat and fish range While there’s plenty of variety to choose from, what never changes is our commitment to quality - so you can enjoy fresh, great-tasting meat and fish.

Find everything from game and venison to gammon, and seafood through to slow cooked meats, mince and pâté. Perhaps you’re after something to serve up for a special occasion? Or maybe you just need the basics covered for your weekly shop? Then take a look at our carefully selected range of meat and fish essentials. This range of products will see you through everything from mid-week meals to sandwich fillings for the kids’ lunch boxes. There’s everything here from delicious smoked salmon through to back bacon, chicken breasts - perfect for casseroles and curries, cooked ham and corned beef, breaded cod and quality beef mince. And what’s better than firing up the barbie and enjoying al fresco dining on a warm summer day? Head over to our BBQ Hub for our top tips and ideas to make the most of your summer cooking.

We’ve you covered when it comes to Sunday roasts too. Lamb, beef, a succulent roast chicken or a pork shoulder joint with crispy crackling - you’ll find great quality meat in our range. Of course, you don’t want to forget those all-important extras - a roast just wouldn’t be the same without certain sides such as pigs in blankets! Be sure to browse our roast accompaniments range as well; you’ll find everything from our ready-made Taste the Difference stuffing balls right the way through to Yorkshire puddings you simply need to just pop into the oven, not to mention delicious sauces, stock and gravy too.