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Get your daily dose of protein with our wide selection of all things chicken. Whether you wish to savour a comforting chicken stew or fancy a spicy chicken biryani, our array of poultry products has got your cravings covered. Our British chickens are reared by trusted farmers who follow ethical practices to make sure your produce is at a fresh and quality standard. 

There’s nothing like looking forward to a classic roast chicken with crisp, golden skin and tender, juicy flesh. Just add some roasted veggies and you’re all set for the ultimate family meal on a weekend. Or give your tastebuds a fiery kick with our chilli chicken wings recipe that’s sure to be a hit at every gathering.  

Our quick chicken curry recipe offers a hearty and aromatic gravy without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Enjoy its rich flavours with steaming hot rice for a cosy dinner at home. And if you’re pressed for time, our meal kits are a lifesaver that contains everything you need to whip up a hearty meal in minutes. Each kit is packed with the right ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions to make sure you can enjoy its true flavours.  

Whether it’s chicken or beef on the menu, add a robust base to your stews and gravies with some beef stock. Perhaps you’re in the mood for some seafood? From fresh salmon fillets to trout and prawns, we’ve got everything you need to prepare a seafood extravaganza. Pair it with your choice of chicken or grill some for a healthy and filling meal, our selection of seafood is a fantastic way to add some healthy protein to your diet.