Prawns & seafood

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Indulge your seafood cravings with our range of prawn and seafood options. They’re a great way to introduce Omega 3 fatty acids into your family’s diet. Try our fishcakes–they’re a tasty treat for your little ones to enjoy. Or mix mayo with seafood sticks to toss a quick salad. Whether you’re planning to get some ready to eat seafood or in the mood to whip up some spicy fish curry–get your hands on high-quality fish like tuna, cod, mackerel and more.


King Prawns & Shrimp

If your date is a seafood fan, try king prawns in garlic and parsley that’s quick and easy to prepare in no time. We also offer a range of shrimps to cook a variety of meals whenever you wish. Hosting a party? Wow your guests with our juicy prawn cocktail recipe. And for your mains go for a saucy seafood stir fry made with your favourite veggie and noodles–a true flavour bomb for your senses.

Scallops, Mussels & Squid

Switch your Sunday roast days with a Spanish feast. Go for our seafood selection with raw squids, scallops and prawns to whip up our 30 minute seafood paella recipe. And whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, our smoked salmon is a super versatile fish to prepare almost anything. Think succulent baked salmon, smoked salmon pâté, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs–the list of mouth-watering dishes is endless. And no matter which fish you choose, do your bit by selecting sustainable seafood options for responsibly sourced fishes.