Roast lamb joints

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Create juicy and succulent roast dishes with our selection of lamb roasting joints. If you’re preparing for a Sunday roast, you can’t go wrong with our classic roast lamb recipe. Super easy to cook, you need three ingredients, a leg of lamb, olive oil and white wine – just the way to prepare a memorable meal for your family and friends. Serve it with your choice of spring greens and roast potatoes to keep everyone happy. Perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these roast potatoes are loved by all.  

Perhaps you’re hosting a party? Give your traditional lamb roast a twist with our slow roast lamb with feta, peppers, and dill recipe. Use one of our high quality lamb shoulders and add it to your slow cooker for a melt-in-the-mouth dish. Another popular lamb joint is lamb chops. Whether you’re looking to prepare a dish for starters or a main course, our lamb chops can be made in a variety of ways. Nothing beats smoky barbequed lamb chops. And how about lamb chops with mint sauce? The juices from the lamb complement the refreshing mint making it a mouth-watering dish. And when it comes to doing good for the environment, choosing organic meat is your best option.