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Pets bring happiness into the world and your life. The joy of seeing your dog do little hops through the long grass. The hilarity of your cat trying to sit in anything it fits in. The little glub glub noises that your fish make as they stare out at you. And here at Sainsbury’s, we believe that our animal friends deserve the best we can give them. 

Therefore, our pet-centric range includes much of what you’ll need to look after and play with your new and old friends. From food to toys to clean up, we aim to help out in any way we can.  

But it’s not only our animal companions that we want to help. Babies need even more looking after than most pets. Therefore, our baby range includes collections of baby meals as well as baby and toddler toys. These should help keep your little bundles of joy fed and entertained during each of their stages of growth. We also have some baby accessories to aid with teething, travelling and bath time amongst other occasions.  

And don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten about everyone else. Explore our toy range to find something for yourself. You’re never too old for fun, after all. If you need a snack or a meal, take a look in our food cupboard. And remember to stay hydrated by picking something from our drinks collection.