Puppy (0-2 years)

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Is there anything more exciting than bringing your puppy back to see its new home for the first time? Tongue flapping, tail wagging as they’re exploring all the new smells. Make sure your pooch lives a life of luxury from their early years and check out our dog and puppy range for all the essentials 

From dog biscuits that’ll keep them coming back for more to dog chews that’ll keep their mouth in tip-top condition, there’s a whole world of excitement to explore in our selection.  

If this is the first dog you’re welcoming into your home, you’ll need to stock up on the necessities involved with raising a pampered pooch. In our dog accessories selection you’ll find all the basics like dog bowls and leads, along with more luxury items like a cool mat and salmon oil.  

Just like us, our puppies like to make sure they’re looking their best too. Make sure you stay on top of their grooming not just to preserve their cute looks but also to support their overall health. Our dog grooming range comes fully packed with items like doggy shampoo and flea deterrent. 

And of course, you can’t forget the dog toys. Stock up on squeaky balls and tug of war ropes to keep your puppy entertained all day, every day.