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BBQ grills

Shop a range of BBQ grills and kits at Sainsbury’s. We have full-size, portable, and disposable BBQs, so whether you’re grilling in your own back garden or at your holiday home we have the right size. When you’re planning your summer grill, make sure you pick up the right BBQ tools to make the job easier, and take a look at our range of outdoor tableware, which is handy when you’re serving a crowd.

BBQ food

From bangers and burgers to seafood and plant-based options, there’s no limit to the foods you can serve at a BBQ. Sainsbury’s have lots of high-quality British meat that’s great for a family BBQ, including our Taste the Difference sausages, burgers, and steaks, which are always crowd pleasers. Juicy prawns or fresh fish are easy and quick to cook, or you could grill halloumi kebabs for a BBQ dish that’s meat-free.

Pick some of our tasty salads and sides to finish off your BBQ menu, and don’t forget the freshly-baked rolls from our in-store bakery to stick your burger in. A barbie just isn’t a barbie without an ice-cold beer or soft drink, so stock up the fridge on our multipacks before your guests arrive.