Picnic & nibbles

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Whether you’re on staycation and exploring the local attractions, or just heading to the park down the road, stop for lunch and enjoy an alfresco picnic. Picnics are about more than just sarnies and multipack crisps. At Sainsbury’s, you’ll find a wide range of delicious foods that are great for alfresco entertaining or for when you need to pack a lunch for a day at the beach.

Picnic food delivery by Sainsbury’s

Our online shopping service makes it easy to arrange a picnic food delivery. You can even get a Sainsbury’s delivery to your holiday home if we cover the area or arrange a click and collect for you to pick up on the way. With lots of pre-made picnic foods in our range, it’s easy to put together a delicious spread to eat on the go. Pick up some eco-friendly wooden cutlery and cut down on the washing up at the end of the day.

Picnics for all occasions

The great thing about picnics is that they’re so easy to put together, no matter how many people you need to feed, and whether you want the basics or something special. Create picnic meals for two with our tapas and mezze range. Simply add a bottle of fizz like prosecco, and find the perfect spot. If you’re packing a family picnic or need to feed a crowd, grab some bread rolls and tasty treats from our in-store bakery and add some ready-made sandwich fillings for an easy lunch.

Pack a plant-based picnic

If you’re vegan, cutting meat from your diet or consciously eating more plant-based meals, you’ll find lots of vegan and vegetarian picnic ideas at Sainsbury’s. Our plant-based picnic range includes vegan-friendly salads, meat and cheese alternatives, and even treats such as vegan pasties for a tasty picnic.