Pies & tarts

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Give your snack time a tangy twist with our selection of fruit pies. Bite into gooey jam tarts. Or savour sticky toffee tarts with a hot cup of tea. For those who can’t resist the good ol’ British desserts, we have you covered with Bakewell tarts, treacle tarts and more. 

If you’re looking for a zesty delight, give our lemon tart recipe a try. With their smooth lemon custard nestled in a thick pastry case, it’s sure to impress. Love classic desserts? Whip up our easy apple pie, filled with spiced bliss between top and bottom layers of thin crusts. Serve warm with a dollop of fresh cream or velvety custard and dig in. 

Special event coming around? Unleash your inner baker and get baking. We have a whole scrapbook featuring easy-to-make recipes, from toffee apple crumble cheesecake to Christmas biscuits. But if you’re pressed for time, we’re ready to help. Grab your favourite pastry from our in-store bakery or order online.  

Add something sweet and festive to the table with our range of sweet party food. We’ve got mince pies, panettone, and lots more