Fresh cream and custard

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Whether you’re drizzling some thick cream over your favourite sweet treat or indulging in some warm custard on its own, foods don’t come much more comforting than creams and custards. Our range comes packed with plenty of options, so if frothy whipped cream is what you’re craving or rich double cream has got your mouth watering, we’ve got you covered. Explore our full dairy and eggs selection for all your options. 

Once you’ve picked out the cream, you’re going to need a dessert to enjoy it with. Our extensive range covers everything from indulgent chocolate puddings to fruity apple crumbles. And if you’re looking to feed the whole family, you’ll be needing our selection of desserts to share

Of course, cream is so versatile that it’s not limited to just desserts. Excellent at adding a layer of depth to your recipes, it tastes just as good in savoury dishes. Whether you’ve got a butter chicken curry and rice lined up on this week’s menu or a creamy tomato pasta, make sure you’re stocked up.