Rolls & bagels

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Whether you’re stocking up for those weekday lunches or you’re getting all the necessities in for this weekend’s barbeque, you’re not going to want to be without some bread rolls. A staple in so many kitchens, a bread roll wouldn’t look out of place in a quick snack or a family feast. Explore all your options in our full in store bakery

And if you are planning on getting the family round for a barbeque, make sure you’re not left wanting and stock up on the essentials. Our extensive range has got everything you’ll need, from those barbeque centrepieces like a juicy beef burger or succulent steak to super tasty vegetarian and vegan alternatives. 

Don’t forget the drinks! Head over to our huge selection where you’ll find something for everyone. From an ice-cold lemonade to quench the thirst on a summer’s day, to some champagne for a special occasion. Pick out your favourite in our full range.