Cheddar & British regional cheese

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Whip up cheesy treats and comforting meals with our collection of cheddar cheese. Whether melted, grated or sliced, cheddar brings warmth and richness to every dish, turning everyday meals into feasts.

Versatile and delightful, the rich and buttery texture paired with its slightly sharp, tangy aroma makes cheddar cheese a hit with all ages. Transform simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces by adding it to eggs and milk for a breakfast omelette that's both fluffy and flavourful. Or stir up some grated cheddar with your pizza or pasta sauce for an extra layer of creamy goodness. And if you’re looking for a quick and easy meal for the little ones, cheddar is just what you need to whip up a classic bowl of mac and cheese.  

Cheddar pairs well with a wide variety of meals and recipes. Whether it’s a soothing bowl of soup or a filling dish, it can do it all. Drop a chunk into your vegetable soup for a velvety twist that complements the fresh, herbal notes of your broth. Or, sprinkle some over your pizza for a gooey, melt-in-your-mouth topping that’s sure to take your meals to the next level.  

Looking to do more with cheddar? It's the star of the show in many dishes. From the creamy and comforting cauliflower macaroni cheese to the scrumptious cheddar and leek croquettes recipe, you’re sure to leave everyone asking for seconds.