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Fresh Pizza

Delight your tastebuds with our fresh pizza. Just fire up your oven and pop them in for a quick and cheesy feast. From filling deep dish pizza to crunchy thin crusts, we’ve got you covered at Sainsbury’s. Stick to the classics with a veggie pizza or for a firm favourite, you can’t go wrong with our fiery pepperoni pizza.

Add some garlic bread as the perfect side. And complete the spread with a sparkling cider. Or get your chef’s hat on and try making your own Margherita pizza. Have it as is or get creative with your favourite toppings.

Why not whip up some fun pitta pizzas with your kids for a quick and easy snack that’ll become their new favourite. For a well-balanced meal, pick some veggies and toss them into a fresh salad.

Getting ready for a big match? Stick a pizza and chips in the oven and pair them with some beer for the ultimate game time snack. Don’t forget the BBQ sauce and ketchup as the perfect condiments.