Juice shots

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Get your daily dose of nutrition with our collection of juice shots. They come in small and easy to consume bottles so you can have them in one go. From promoting gut health to boosting vitamins, we’ve got a wide variety in lots of flavours like ginger, berry, and more for some quick nourishment.

Ginger shots are a great quick fix when it comes to getting some extra energy while turmeric shots are ideal for some mid-day nourishment on the go. Want to whip up some healthy smoothies? We’ve got all sorts of ingredients like fresh turmeric, kale and everything in between. How about grabbing some coconut water and trying your hand at our good-for-you smoothie recipe? Easy to make and super refreshing, it’s sure to become your new summer favourite.

If you’re looking for something with probiotic, we’ve also got a refreshing range of kombucha. This fermented tea is packed with good bacteria to keep your gut in shape. Or if you’d rather stick to something familiar, we’ve got a fresh range of fruit juice too. Try out our red alert beetroot juice recipe for a bright beverage that is delicious and enriching.