Multipack soups

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Welcome to the realm of hearty and wholesome goodness that is our multi-pack soups. Packed with an array of flavours and nutrients, these are more than just a meal, they're a hug in a bowl. If you're all about layering flavours, consider adding some canned vegetables to your next pot of soup for an extra boost of nutrition. 

Craving a bit of international flair? Take your soup game to new heights by pairing it with our microwaveable rice or premium basmati rice. Easy to prepare and versatile, they make the perfect companion to any soup recipe. Enhance the aroma and depth of your bowl by seasoning it with our carefully curated range of herbs. Choose from staples like basil and thyme to exotic blends that will transport your senses. 

While a good soup can stand alone, there's something special about breaking a warm baguette or a breadstick over your bowl. Our bakery offers a range of bread options that not only complement your soup but make each meal an occasion. So, go ahead—gather your ingredients and indulge in the simple joy of a comforting, home-cooked meal. Happy slurping!