Granola, crisps & clusters

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Enjoy the crunchy goodness of your favourite granola and clusters cereal. Our selection has got you covered, whether you prefer nut clusters, high protein granola cereal or chocolate crisps. Just grab your cereal bowls, toss in your go-to grub and fuel up with a filling breakfast. 

Experience the perfect blend of tastes and textures with Greek yoghurt. Or pour oat milk over your cereal. Top it off with a handful of frozen berries. Sweet and tangy, they’ll add a refreshing twist to your mornings while packing a punch. 

Looking to get creative in the kitchen? Fix yourself a cup of frozen berries with granola—a quick pick-me-up that will leave you wanting more. Or whip up some granola bars and keep them on hand for those on-the-go moments. Made with muesli and Scottish porridge oats, they'll help you stay energised and power through the day.