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Spices are one of the greatest wonders of the culinary world. There aren’t many other elements that can fundamentally change and enhance virtually any meal. From ingredients such as ginger that can add a bit of pep to a dish, to chilli powder that adds a touch of fire, or even some cinnamon that can teleport a meal to Christmas. Delicious. 

And make sure you check out some of the most consistent items in your cupboard. That’s right, we’re talking about the humble salt and pepper. If the previous ingredients are the wonders, then these are the foundations. Almost always useful, and almost always delicious. You should also take a look at our selection of oils to help with cooking up your food. We have a wide variety, from sunflower to olive oil, so you can find the ingredients you want. 

Then there’s our sugar, syrups, and sweeteners that can add a bit of sweetness to your meal. You could even try hot chocolate with some sugar and chilli powder for a deliciously spicy combination. Delightful. 

And what meals do you want to add these ingredients to? You could fry up some chicken breast alongside some honey and cumin for a gorgeously sticky and spicy dinner. Cook up some rice covered in turmeric to add a burst of orange to your dining table. 

If you need any other meat and fish, make sure to check out our essentials page for your one-stop shop for the necessities.