Nachos & snacking

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Imagine this. You’ve got a bunch of friends together to watch a film. Someone brings out some nachos. You reach over to take one of the cheesy, spicy delights, but they snatch it away. They look you in the eye and say “These are nach-yours’. You are astonished, but then remember that you visited our range and have some of your own in the kitchen. And these are ‘nach-theirs’. 

Okay, it’s probably nicer to share them. And we have lots of other foods to share as well. For example, why not visit our Indian cooking sauces and meal kits range and put together a curry? Don’t worry, there are many different spice levels, for a variety of taste buds. 

Then continue your journey around the world by trying some of our other cooking sauces and meal kits. You could make a delicious Italian Bolognese or try a delightful stir fry from our Chinese range. Or you could explore Britain with our collection of Cheddar and British regional cheese. Whatever you choose, take your taste buds on an adventure. 

And remember to stay hydrated! Our selection of fizzy drinks has the burst of bubbles to cut through the richness of the nacho cheese, and to cool down the spiciness of the salsa. 

But once you’ve finished eating, the fun doesn’t stop! It’s time to clean up, and that means you can try out some of your new cleaning products from our range. Delightful.