Decorations, toppings & fillings

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Top off your cakes and add your personal touch to your baked treats with our cake decorations, toppings and fillings. Whether you’re looking for edible cake decorations for your festive cakes or want some cake decorating supplies like candles to mark those special milestones—we’ve got you covered.  

Give your sponge cakes a creamy twist by grabbing some fresh cream and sugar for icing the cake. Or if you want to take your pies to the next level, stuff them with some custard for an indulgent treat that’s sure to be a hit. To make short work of your baking prep, grab one of our mixing bowls to whisk the batter with ease. Pour it in one of our cake tins and pop it in the oven and let it rise.  

If you’re after a fruity addition to your daily teatime, grab some jam and try whipping up our Victoria sponge cake for a moist delight that’ll surely leave you wanting more. For a zesty finisher to your feasts, you can count on our lemon drizzle cakes to do the trick.