Vegan frozen

Pick up your favourites from our range of products. Top up your trolley and check out the rest of our frozen range too. Book your collection or delivery slot today.

You can easily enjoy the convenience of frozen food even if you don’t want to consume animal products. That’s because our vegan frozen range has a wide selection of animal-free foods from ice creams to meat-free alternatives, fries to pizzas. Delightfully frozen and meat-free. 

And while you’re in the freezer, why not take a look at some of our other vegetarian products? We have frozen fruit bags that can be delightful desserts by themselves, or fantastic toppings for other treats like vegan ice cream.  

If you want some more meat options that are fit various dietary requirements, from gluten free to vegan, then check out our freefrom meat, fish, and poultry. Make sure to read the ingredients to make sure the foods fit your dietary requirements.  

We also have frozen breaded fish for a delightful combination of the sea and land. And add frozen mixed and prepared vegetables to your meal for an easy burst of flavour and colour. Yum! 

And remember to stay hydrated! We offer smoothies so that you can enjoy a smooth, fruity drink. We also have chilled juice in a variety of flavours, from orange to apple, so that you can find your favourite. 

Whatever you fancy, we hope to help.