Kiwi & pineapple

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Treat yourself to a tropical escape with our kiwi & pineapple category where the fresh fruit is as juicy as it gets. Whether you’re after a tangy pineapple smoothie or want to dig into a refreshing fruit bowl, we’ve got it all with us. 

Whether you prefer sweet bananas or kiwi fruit, throw in your favourite tropical fruits in a blender for refreshing smoothies to start your day with. Or if you want to make it simpler, have a look at our range of frozen smoothie mixes and fruit juice to bring these refreshing treats to your daily routine, hassle-free.  

Want to enjoy the flavours of fresh fruit without any fuss? Our ready to eat fruit options are perfect for that. They’re pre-sliced, packed and a super convenient option when you’re in a pinch. Plus, they're ideal for creating mouthwatering fruit salads or refreshing desserts. 

Taking things from simple to simply amazing, our recipe and drink suggestions are here to help you transform these tropical delights into more than just snacks. Mix fruit salad with a drizzle of honey for that extra touch of sweetness or check out our range of fruit, snacks and treats if you’re craving some fruit flavoured sweets or more.