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After you’ve had your fun in the sun, make sure you look after your skin. In addition to the sun cream that you put on before and during being in the sun’s rays, make sure to use some of our aftersun products. This range contains gels and lotions to help keep your skin moisturised and restored after a day outside. 

And take a look at our collection of facial moisturisers. They’ll help refresh the sensitive skin of your face and keep it soft and smooth. But don’t forget about your hair! Use our conditioner to keep your luscious locks soft and silky smooth. Soon you’ll be so soft that your teddy bear will get jealous! 

Of course, if you’ve been outside all day, then you’ll probably have become rather sweaty. Particularly if you’ve been running around playing sports or with some outdoor toys and garden games. If this is the case, grab some deodorant or body spray from our range. Soon you’ll be smelling your best once again. 

And when you go on holiday, remember to keep looking after yourself. Pick out some luggage from our luggage and backpacks range. Pack some of these products and prepare yourself for a fantastic time out in the sun.