Potty training & pull-ups

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Ready to embark on the exciting journey of potty training? It’s a big step and we’ve got everything you and your little one will need. Our pull-up pants and potty-training products are here to make the transition from nappies & pants to big-kid underwear a breeze. 

Offering a snug fit and all-day comfort, the pull-up style and exciting graphic designs allows your little one to effortlessly put on and take off their pull pants to help promote their independence, comfort, and freedom. Stretchy waistbands and a secure and flexible fit will allow your little one to move and groove freely. 

Accidents may happen! But don’t worry, make sure you’ve got some baby wipes on hand and some baby laundry products to wash those soiled clothes! Here at Sainsbury’s we’ve got you covered. We’ve got all the cleaning products you’re going to need to wipe up all those spills and stains. 

Better yet, prepare for all off life’s little dramas by shopping in our little ones' range and stocking up on big packs for convenience. Our baby and toddler selection will have all the essentials and more to help you along for your little ones’ adventures. Get ready for potty-training success!